Rental – BMW i8 by Long Island Exotic Cars

BMW i8 


EXTERIOR COLOR         White Pearl Metallic
SEATING                                 4 PASSENGERS
ENGINE                      1.5L 3-Cylinder Hybrid
HORSEPOWER               228 HP @ 5,800 RPM
TORQUE                    236 LB.-FT @ 3,700 RPM
FUEL ECONOMY                             35 MPGe
0-60 TIME                                 4.1 SECONDS

The BMW i8 Coupe fuses a combustion engine and an electric motor seamlessly, although it looks like an electric futuristic sports car, the electric motor is only used at low speeds or in combination with the gas engine. BMW i8 can go from 0-60 in 4.1 seconds with sports mode engaged.

Our BMW i8  is available for rent through Long Island Exotic Cars with single daily rates, weekend rates, and weekly rental packages. Rent this vehicle for your next event, birthday, night out on the town or video shoot, prom, weddings, and wine tours.

This BMW i8- 4 Seater Coupe will appeal to those interested in a luxury car rental that offers sustainability and the look and feel of a sports car.

From the first glance, this model demonstrates its move toward the future with its dihedral doors that open upwards like an eagle stretching its wings.

Its aerodynamic design keeps it low to the ground and its performance level high.

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