BMW 850i Convertible Navy

BMW 850i Convertible Navy

DRIVETRAIN: All Wheel Drive
0-60 TIME:  3.8 seconds
TORQUE: 553 @ 1800

New York is a city that calls for style, class, and luxury in every walk of life. And the same translates to the choice of your ride. The BMW M850i Convertible B/R with its Twin Turbo V8 engine and 523 horsepower is not just a car. It’s an experience. An experience that you can now relish by availing of the top-notch services of Long Island Exotic Cars. Whether it’s attending corporate meetings, gracing events, or creating unforgettable memories on your wedding day, Long Island Exotic Cars is here to transform your journey into an unforgettable thrill.

When talking about the BMW M850i Convertible’s unique specifications, the Twin Turbo V8 engine immediately comes to mind. This beast’s power perfectly aligns with our city’s accelerating pulse. It roars to life with the slightest touch, offering 523 breathtaking horses under the hood. Its crisp handling, quick response, and aggressive power delivery make it a dream-come-true for every car enthusiast. The feeling of navigating New York’s streets with this powerhouse is truly unmatchable.

Next, visually the M850i Convertible B/R is nothing short of stunning. Its regal yet sporty exterior design is sure to turn heads as you cruise around in the city of skyscrapers. Picture yourself arriving at an event under the dazzling city lights in this stunner. Isn’t that an enticing image? Long Island Exotic Cars ensures you live this dream with our Event Exotic Car Rentals service.

We understand different occasions call for different vibes. This is where Long Island Exotic Cars’ varied rental options come into play. Going for a fun photoshoot around the city? Pick our Photoshoot Exotic Car Rentals. Need a chic ride for your music video? We got you covered with our Music Video Exotic Car Rentals. Self-driving the BMW M850i can turn any weekend into a mini-vacation. Our Self Drive Exotic Car Rentals service allows you to feel the power and luxury of the M850i Convertible B/R at your leisure.

Most importantly, we ensure that selecting Long Island Exotic Cars for your luxury vehicle needs is more than just about renting a car. It’s about creating unforgettable experiences and memories. We focus on delivering top-quality service that matches the status and class of the vehicles we offer. Our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction sets us apart. So, for your next luxury car need in New York City, choose us and experience the thrill of the BMW M850i Convertible B/R. Your journey awaits you at Long Island Exotic Cars.

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