Lamborghini Gallardo for rent Long Island Exotic Cars

Lamborghini is one of the top exotic car brands in the world. With its aggressive styling features and powerful engine to back it, there’s no question why are Lamborghini rental service is in such high demand. We offer Lamborghini’s for rent in  New York.

This perfect tuned car offer a fun driving experience. Fall in love with this Italian masterpiece and rent our Lamborghini Gallardo  today!  There is no better way to spend your next vacation than behind the wheel of your favorite sports car.

Lamborghini is the most requested car in the exotic car rental industry.  Driving down the street in your favorite Lambo is a magical experience.


OurLamborghini Gallardo  is available  for rent  through Long Island Exotic Cars with single daily rates, weekends rates and weekly rental packages. Rent this vehicle for your next event, birthday, night out  on the town or video shoot, prom, weddings and wine tours.


As a high-performance sports car, Lamborghini Gallardo puts power and style above all other considerations, so travelers who need a lot of space won’t want to rent it.


The luggage compartment, at 110 liters, is only large enough for 1 large suitcase.
Our Lamborghini Gallardo also only has 2 seats, making it suitable only for couples and single passengers.


In terms of fuel economy,  averaging only 18 miles per gallon, but where this Lamborghini Gallardo falls short as a gas-guzzler, it makes up for that  by being one of the top performing exotic rental cars available.
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