Bentley GTC Speed for Rent Long Island Exotic Cars

Bentley Continental GTC Speed 80-11 Edition



If you want to rent one of the most luxurious convertibles in the world then the Bentley Continental GTC is a great option. Our Bentley Continental GTC  is a popular luxury sports car for celebrities, athletes and executives to rent. Now you can feel like a celebrity when you rent a Bentley GTC in New York. The Bentley Continental  GTC is a 4 seater which allows you to have more space for your passengers.


Our Bentley Continental GTC Speed 80-11 Edition  is the perfect luxury car rental for New York. You can rent our Bentley Continental GTC Speed 80-11 Edition for your next event , birthday, night out on the town, video shoot, weddings, proms, wine tours, corporate events or even to celebrate a special day like an anniversary.


Our Bentley Continental GTC Speed 80-11 Edition  is available  for rent through Long Island Exotic Cars with single daily rates, weekends rates and weekly packages.
This  new Bentley Continental GTC Convertible is  extraordinary.


Every inch a grand tourer, it features a sleek, new Bentley design language, characterized by sharp lines sweeping the length of the car.


Low, wide proportions lend the car an air of power and presence, an effect emphasized by every detail, from cut crystal-effect LED matrix headlamps to LED tail lamps that resemble illuminated red gemstones with an entirely new quick-closing mechanism.


The roof folds and rests incredibly low against the car’s waistline, this allows a graceful design line to sweep up from the side panels and around the rear seats, in a single, flowing curve.
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